Former European rock star evolved into creative video professional and college professor.

Marius Voicu is an American digital filmmaker with an international background. Born in Transylvania, Romania, grew up in Bucharest, Rio, Brazil and Lisbon, Portugal, lived in Germany and traveled extensively in Europe. Marius speaks 6 languages: English, Romanian, Portuguese, French, Spanish and Italian.

Before coming to the U.S. Marius Voicu already had accomplished a successful career in Europe in the entertainment industry. He worked as a recording artist and songwriter, sound engineer, producer and performer in Radio and TV broadcasting, music recording and live concert productions. As an artist Marius Voicu collaborated and toured with major Romanian national acts. Marius established his own concert production company and studio recording business. Marius Voicu has gained extensive training and experience in many facets of digital film and video: pre-production planning and scriptwriting, production lighting and camera work, post-production video editing, color correction and grading, motion graphics and VFX, audio recording, editing, mixing, sound design, and video encoding for various media delivery formats.

Marius is also a content strategist with advanced research skills to make creative content decisions. Marius seeks to identify story opportunities in the raw footage.

Through his passion for video as a creative professional and experience as a college professor, Marius shows enthusiasm and attention to detail in each project. Marius has accomplished a 23-years career in higher education as a college professor. He currently serves as an adjunct Film Professor at Broward College, FL and at Atlantic University, FL. Marius continues to work in the video field and looks forward to new directions and creative opportunities for digital film and web video, and looks forward to continuing teaching and assisting his clients in all their production needs.

Marius has earned his Master of Fine Arts in Film from Miami International University, FL, Master of Arts in Telecommunications from George Mason University, VA, Bachelor of Business Administration from The Academy of Economic Studies, RO, and Associate of Arts in Music and Video Business from The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, FL.


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