Joseph Dawson

Video marketing doesn’t have to be hard or OVERPRICED, it just needs to be accessible to everyone. 

CEO Joseph Dawson hails from the suburbs of Chicago. He showed an interest in law and in movie making from an early age and spent countless hours with a Super 8 camera in his hand and splicing actual film in order to make movies. At Eastern Illinois University, he became a disc jockey and sports announcer broadcasting play-by-play for the football and basketball teams, was the morning deejay and spun records at the town’s hottest disco on weekends.

After graduating from law school, he opened his own law firm focusing on personal injury litigation. Never one to work on just one project, he wrote the scripts for a legal self-help video series called “A View from the Bench,” which was hosted by Corbin Berenson, who, at the time, was a star on TV’s LA Law. Thereafter Dawson opens a 7,000 square foot night club in downtown Fort Lauderdale.

These differing business ventures led Dawson to immerse himself in marketing, and he later formed Universal Media and Marketing, Inc., Video Viper’s parent corporation, which has offices in both Los Angeles, CA, and Fort Lauderdale, FL. Universal is actively involved in marketing vanity license plates in California. Dawson began creating videos for his law firm’s web page and social media, and he soon discovered his skills in writing honed as a trial and appellate lawyer were well-suited for the task of drafting tight scripts for social media video.

As a consequence, the idea of sharing these skills with other professionals inspired the creation of Video Viper, a company specializing in helping similar professional promulgate their specific message to the public using state of the art technology and internet capabilities, with the intention of helping other increase their SEO scores and reach a greater audience of potential customer at a reasonable prices. With very few companies offering these specific services, this niche was underserved and Dawson felt he could oversee a team of talented and creative people to serve that niche.

Thus Video Viper was born and is ready to help other professionals augment their market share without burdensome marketing budgets.


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